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Part of being involved in the building of communities and making dreams come true is the responsibility and privilege to give back to those communities and the world. Equity Charities is Equity Real Estate’s own 501c3 philanthropic division and we’re proud of our contributions thus far and our determination to continue and expand our efforts in the future.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill


Millions of people needlessly die every year from circumstances that could be prevented. Any consistent effort can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people around the world.

A portion of Equity Real Estate’s gross income from each transaction (company’s profit, NOT the Agent’s commission) is donated directly to the Equity Charities to help feed, immunize, educate, establish micro enterprises that promote self-sufficiency, bring hope and help stop millions of needless deaths around the world.

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$10.00 Makes all the difference in the world to those in need. By donating $10.00 or more, you’re changing lives.

Good Works

Here are a few of the projects we’ve been involved with.

Equity Charities in Morrocco


Orphanage Support Effort: Equity Charities lead the charge in gathering books, clothes, and toys for orphanages in the North African country. Some of our own delivered the items.

Morocco TenementMorocco Orphanage ChildrenMorocco Orphanage CribsEquity Charities Volunteers Gathering - MoroccoEquity Charities Volunteers feed babiesMoroccan Water-Bearing TribesmenMoroccan OrphansTravel the Moroccan WayMoroccan Trunk Space


Civic Improvement Effort: Representatives from Equity Real Estate joined Academy Mortgage and Choice Humanitarian in this Equity Charities project that built hospitals and schools as well as developing clean water projects.

Guatemala Team with childrenGuatemalan Women carrying waterEquity Charities volunteers celebrating with localsHappy Guatemalan childAnother happy Guatemalan ChildGuatemala ShackGuatemala ShackRandall Wall with an Academy Mortgage volunteer and a Guatemalan familyEquity Charities volunteer building schoolsGuatemalan Medical TripGuatemala Volunteer Tent CityGuatemalan villageers waiting to see the doctor and dentistGuatemalan women and children waiting for medical care

Equity Charities in Guatemala

Equity Charities in Nepal


Quality of Life Project: Equity Charities’ very own director, Randall Wall, has traveled to Nepal to help in providing education for slum children, develop feeding programs, and placing stoves in villages where a woman’s lifespan is, on average, 38-years due to smoke inhalation. The stoves alone are expected to extend womens’ lives by an estimated average of 20-years.

Nepalese childrenNepal burden bearerNepalese women receiving food from Equity Charities volunteersNepal Dancing on mountaintop with localsNepal Dr Usha Wall with slum children education projectEquity Charities volunteers install ovenEquity Charities feeds Nepalese slum childrenNepal Randall Wall & wife Dr. Usha NepalNepal School children welcome Equity & Project partnersNepal Villagers welcome Equity Volunteers

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Community Outreach: Equity Charities has been involved in the local community within the Salt Lake City valley area (where the company headquarters are located), working with the Christmas Box House (building a playground), assisting in the remodel of two buildings for the Cancer Wellness Center, feeding the homeless in downtown Salt Lake City, helping at the Road Home Shelter, hosting Toys for Tots drives, clothing drives for earthquake victims, and performing service in the Maliheh Clinic.

Equity Charities feeding the homelessElisa Turner, Equity Agent, volunteering with Equity Charities feeding the homeless in SLC, UTEquity Charities volunteers for feeding the homeless in SLC, UTEquity Charities feeding the homeless SLC UtahEquity Charities feeding the homeless SLC Utahequity-charities-feeding-the-homeless-slc-34Equity Charities feeding the homeless SLC UtahChristmas Box House volunteers from Equity CharitiesWorking on the sandbox at the Christmas Box HouseChristmas Box House sandbox construction by Equity CharitiesChristmas Box House sandbox construction by Equity CharitiesRandall Wall paints the eaves of the Cancer Wellness Center for Equity CharitiesBreak time at the Cancer Wellness Center remodel with Equity CharitiesPainting for charity at the Cancer Wellness Center with Equity CharitiesLandscape work being completed by Equity Charities at the Cancer Wellness CenterEquity Broker, Randy Smith takes a brief break at the Cancer Wellness Center volunteering with Equity Charities

Equity Charities local collage