Learn about the benefits provided by this full-service brokerage for the extremely affordable $499/transaction fee!

Low Transaction Fee

Equity’s flat rate transaction fee is one of the many ways we go about doing business that makes being an Equity Realtor so affordable. We’ve seen so much success, as a matter-of-fact, that the company even saw some of its Realtors’ greatest accomplishments occur during the down market. We’ve seen Realtors who were barely scraping by join Equity and be able to afford a new car, or a new house, or in other ways improve their lifestyle. And while the flat transaction fee means no splits, it is also just the tip of the iceberg on ways Equity both puts more money in your pocket, and save you money in expenses.

Awesome Profit Share

Equity believes in giving back to those who contribute to the company’s growth. That’s why we’ve developed the Equity Profit Share Program; a unique offering that is so straightforward we guarantee you won’t need a doctorate in mathematics in order to understand it. Equity has paid out over $2 million in profit share to our Realtors since its inception! Simply refer a fellow Realtor to Equity and on each transaction that they close on, Equity pays you $100 out of our transaction fee (as long as you both are active Equity Realtors). What would you do with extra money every month?

Fastest Pay Day

Equity can proudly say that our commission pay program is one of the fastest in the industry. Why wait to receive the money you’ve worked so hard for? That’s never made sense to us. So, we created a program that allows you to receive your pay 1 business day after you complete the transaction. That’s right. Just 1 business day! And to top it off, Equity has partnered with MasterCard to deliver the Equity Blue Card (an optional payment method); ; a proprietary debit card that will allow you to immediately access your funds. That means that you can walk out of the closing and immediately go to dinner with those you care about in celebration. (Blue Card coming soon)

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